This is Dictapad.

Dictapad is a transcription aid for the iPhone and iPad. It assists in the transcription of lectures, interviews, depositions or any long audio file by playing back at an adjustable rate while you type, with handy keyboard shortcuts for common tasks.

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Great for Keyboards

Dictapad offers handy keyboard shortcuts that allow you to scrub through your audio, adjust playback rate and insert timestamps — all without ever lifting your hands from the keyboard. With support for both Bluetooth keyboards and the iPad Smart Keyboard, you'll transcribe like a pro wherever you are.

Works On the Go

Dictapad works great on the iPhone, and supports direct import from the Voice Notes app via the “Transcribe in Dictapad” action. On-screen buttons allow for easy control of playback with the on-screen keyboard. Record an interview, transcribe a quote and file a story — all from your iPhone!

An Essential Tool

Dictapad has been an indispensable tool for professional transcriptionists on the App Store for five years, and it receives regular updates to support new iOS features. Whether you're a transcriptionist, a journalist, a student or a filmmaker, you can count on Dictapad to be a part of your workflow for years to come.